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These fun and engaging active games are an awesome way to get your child moving and learning key concepts like numbers, sounds, times tables, words and shape. 

Parents and children can play them in the comfort of their own home but each activity can also be used in a classroom setting.

What a fantastic way to do homework!

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Burn2Learn presented to the Department for Education


The Yorkshire Sport award winning Burn2Learn case study has been included in the 2018 Sports Premium report, compiled by the national partners (YST, afPE and CSPN) and formally presented to the Department for Education. This report will be used to understand the current landscape and shape future priorities. 

 Burn2Learn has been recognised nationally for its impact on pupil engagement across the curriculum, improvements in behaviour and wellbeing as well as improving positive attitudes to learning.

The Burn2Learn Movement


"Alex is a phenomenal teacher whose passion, skills and deep subject knowledge extends into his ability to train adults brilliantly - an aspect we have been very lucky to have benefited from".

Zoe Adams, Executive Headteacher, Leeds

Alex Ogden is a physically active learning consultant with significant primary school practitioner experience as a leader of PE & Sport. He has taught in schools across West Yorkshire and worked closely with the local authority in developing PE assessment and delivering outstanding teaching and learning in the subject. Despite all this experience, Burn2Learn was born out of one defining moment. That moment arrived in a French lesson.....


The Inspirational Child

The way we speak to each other generates vast amounts of feeling both positive and negative. The Burn2Learn approach aspires to transform children into "Inspirators", encouraging them to treat each other as inspirational by giving them the tasks and language which enables them to do this. Training and workshops expose teachers and children to activities that promote communication, problem solving, collaborative working and respect, helping to transform the relationships within the classroom.


Driven by learning

When used effectively, by combining movement and learning, Burn2Learn activities demonstrate a more "creative" rather than "traditional" approach to teaching and learning. An approach based on the knowledge that children who are active are better at absorbing and retaining new information. 

Burn2Learn training inspires teachers to adopt this approach, giving them the confidence to incorporate it into their teaching day and reap the benefits of children who are more engaged, motivated to learn and mentally resilient!

Why Burn2Learn?

Childhood Mental Health


The pressure is on!

"1 in 10 children between the ages of 5-16 have a diagnosable mental health condition " - Mental Health Taskforce.

Statistics like this have prompted the government to recently propose the implementation of mental health awareness training in a quarter of primary schools by 2022.

Good news!

By treating the children as inspirational and getting them active in lessons, Burn2Learn aides the early prevention of child mental health problems by raising their self-esteem, sense of belonging and boosting their mood. A healthier and happier school is the result!

Physical Health


The pressure is on!

"Primary schools should deliver 30 minutes of “moderate to vigorous” activity for pupils every day" - DH: Childhood Obesity Strategy 2016

Good news!

Burn2Learn training gives schools the tools and resources to meet this requirement by providing activity ideas that impact directly on the children's physical health as well as innovative ways to get the children active outside of break times and PE lessons.

Sport Premium Funding


The pressure is on!

"Accountability arrangements for the premium have also been strengthened to ensure schools are spending the increased funds in line with the conditions of funding" - Department of Health 2018

Good news!

The Burn2Learn concept helps schools meet and provide evidence for the "whole school improvement" condition of the funding. As a teacher himself, Alex is committed to providing relief from this pressure by offering training and support on how to embed an effective and sustainable physically active learning culture in your school.

Delivered by teachers for teachers.


Noise. Behaviour. Evidencing work. Tiny classroom. Safety. Oh and it's raining outside! Burn2Learn has got all these problems covered. Let us break down those barriers to physically active learning so you don't have to.

Fantastic ideas to boost your lessons.


Whether you teach in Foundation stage, KS1 or KS2, Burn2Learn CPD training provides teachers with a range of fun, engaging and inspiring lesson ideas from 5 minute starters to the kids spending the whole lesson on their feet! 

Unite the culture of the classroom & staffroom


Burn2Learn aspires to inspire teachers to treat children as inspirational and how this translates to the way we interact as colleagues. Burn2Learn has proven to create a more open, collaborative and candid culture amongst staff.



“I love the orienteering activities. I want Burn2Learns to go on forever!” (Georgia, Year 5, Westwood Primary School)

“Regular Burn2Learns have allowed the children to grow in confidence and develop their leadership skills, this then has allowed children's learning to progress.” (Stacey, Foundation Stage Leader, Westwood Primary School)


"Excellent mix of theory and practices. Alex crammed in loads in just 3 hours and has tonnes of enthusiasm for active learning which shone through the course of the session." (Red Kite Alliance PGCE Student)

"Great active day! It's great to see how Burn2Learns can be incorporated easily into normal lessons without lots of extra work or time needed". (KS2 Teacher, Clapgate Primary School) 

"Alex delivered an engaging and inspiring session. The training has instantly made me feel more confident about delivering active lessons" (NQT teacher, Clapgate Primary School)

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