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What impact has Burn2Learn had on other schools?


"Keeping children physically active is something I am incredibly passionate about. For this reason implementing Burn2Learn into our everyday teaching practice was an easy decision to make. The children at Westwood have embraced being active within the classroom and enjoyed the opportunity to learn while on the move. Through observations it is clear to see the increase in motivation, enthusiasm and engagement within the classroom."   

Miss Dibnah, Headteacher, Westwood Primary School

Westwood Primary (pdf)


"Burn2Learns are now a standard part of every teacher's toolkit at Clapgate.  Teachers loved the training day and it stimulated lots of discussion about the range of ways we can get our children more active and how their learning can be enhanced by activity.  Teachers are very creative about finding opportunities to get the children moving in all different lessons and have a large and ever increasing bank of ideas to draw on."

Natasha Singleton, Headteacher, Clapgate Primary School 

Clapgate Case Study (pdf)


Adel Primary coming soon....

St Joseph's Primary coming soon....