Whole School Resource Box - £99.00

An inspiring set of 20 activity cards proven to increase physical activity, engagement and improve social interaction amongst pupils. These active learning tasks can be used across the curriculum and in or out of the classroom!

Easy to use resources written by teachers for teachers. Each activity can be adapted to suit the needs of your class and children absolutely love them:

Burn2Learns make me feel excited about doing work I don't normally like. Like writing!

Hanna, Year 5

What are teachers saying about our resources?

“I’ve been using Burn2Learn in my classroom since September and I highly recommend it! The kids are engaged, active and thoroughly enjoy the activities."

Kimberley, Year 6 teacher

"There’s no need for any fancy, expensive resources and just a little extra thought at the planning stage yields great impact on learning."

Lucy, Teaching and Learning leader, West Yorkshire

“The children are always excited when we are going to do a Burn2Learn. Their attitude and behaviour to each other has improved drastically by doing them”. 

Monique, KS1 teacher

FREE sample resource card

Tiggy Triangles (pdf)


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