What are leaders,teachers and children saying about our teaching resources?

Miss Dibnah, Headteacher, Leeds

"The children at Westwood have embraced being active within the classroom and enjoyed the opportunity to learn while on the move. Through observations it is clear to see the increase in motivation, enthusiasm and engagement within the classroom."   

Kimberley, Year 6 teacher, Leeds

“I’ve been using Burn2Learn teaching resources in my classroom since September and I highly recommend it! Lesson plans are easily adaptable and the kids are engaged, active and thoroughly enjoy the activities."

Lucy, Teaching & Learning leader, Westwood Primary

"There’s no need for any fancy, expensive resources and just a little extra thought at the planning stage yields great impact on learning."

Monique, KS1 teacher

“The children are always excited when we are going to do a Burn2Learn. Their attitude and behaviour to each other has improved drastically by using these lesson plans". 

Simon, Year 5 teacher, Holy Trinity Primary

"After receiving training from Alex I had no hesitation in buying the teaching resources. Within a couple of weeks teachers were confidently and seamlessly using Burn2Learns in their lessons. The children's physical activity levels have increased dramatically which for me as physical education lead is fantastic!"

Hannah, Year 5, Westwood Primary

“I love the activity called The Hunt! The games make me excited to do boring things like writing. I want Burn2Learns to go on forever!”

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FREE Burn2Learn for 'Child Mental Health Awareness Week'

Download this fantastic Burn2Learn to use with children in KS1 or KS2! This active learning task helps to improve children's self-esteem, feelings of belonging and gives them the tools and language to reflect positively on each other's personality and role in the class.

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