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How can Burn2Learn help your school?


Full Day/Half Day Inset - EMBRACE > EMPOWER > EMBED

from £695/£400

"I could not recommend Alex's training day highly enough! His enthusiasm is infectious and you leave school feeling inspired to deliver in this way. Just one day had a huge impact on the culture of teaching and learning at the school".

                                                                                               -Lucy Y6 Teacher, Westwood

A full day of training will:

  • Encourage staff to EMBRACE the research on the benefits of physical and social interaction for pupils and teachers
  • Inspire staff to EMBRACE 'learning on the move' and how it can be used to improve learning, mental health and relationships between pupils in their classroom
  • Provide a range of strategies that will EMPOWER children to behave 'inspirationally' when learning in the classroom
  • EMPOWER staff with adaptable cross curricular Burn2Learn activities that maximise engagement, motivation to learn and emotional wellbeing
  • Explore ways to EMBED Burn2Learn across the school in order to enhance whole school performance

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Pupil/Teacher workshop days

From £595

Morning session:

  • A whole school assembly
  • FS/KS1 workshops with teachers present

Afternoon session:

  • KS2 workshops with teachers present
  • Staff meeting at the end of the day


Morning session:

  • FS/KS1 or KS2 workshops with teachers present

Afternoon session:

  • Meet and collaborate with FS/KS1 or KS2 teachers to discuss ways to implement PAL in their upcoming curriculum topics

Please note these two examples represent popular models from work with previous schools. Any training can take place in numerous ways and is bespoke to the school. If you would like to explore a model of training that would work for your establishment then please get in contact to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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Twilight/Staff Meetings

Twilight  - from £250

Staff meeting  - from £150

We can also offer twilights and staff meetings which aim to introduce the Burn2Learn philosophy, inspiring staff with ideas to integrate physical and social interaction into their planning and create more inspirational classrooms.

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Cluster Packages

Is your school part of a teaching alliance or a larger cluster of schools?

Burn2Learn can deliver bespoke training days to more than one school at a convenient location. This could be one inspirational day or a number of days each with a specific Key Stage focus.

Simply get in touch to discuss the needs of your cluster and how Burn2Learn could help.

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Training Video

"I’ve been using Burn2Learn in my classroom since September and I highly recommend it! The kids are engaged, active and thoroughly enjoy the activities. There’s no need for any fancy, expensive resources and just a little extra thought at the planning stage yields great impact on learning. Alex is a fantastic trainer whose enthusiasm is catching!"

Kimberley, Year 6 teacher, Leeds